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Air Quality

Links to Information Sources on Air Quality:

The EPA Live Air Quality Data Website for Ireland 

Enterprise Ireland information on Air Quality Standards

Irish EPA information on Air

Irish EPA Limit Values for Air Quality

EU Environment Agency information on Air

EU Environment Commission information on Air

EMEP is a European collaboration programme for Monitoring and Evaluation of the Long-Range Transmission of Air pollutants in Europe 

Comparison of EU Air Pollution Policies and Legislation with Other Countries Pdf : 486Kb

EPEE Industry Association - European Partnership for Energy and the Environment (EPEE) is a broad-based grouping of responsible companies, national associations and European associations active in the European air-conditioning, heat pump and refrigeration industry who contribute to the development of effective European policies to reduce green-house gas emissions from the use of refrigerants

UK Environment Agency on Air

UK National Air Quality information Archive for information on air pollution and current air quality in the UK

Cambridge University Centre for Atmospheric Science with information on climate change

Information on the Chemistry of Atmospheric Pollutants UK based

US EPA Air information including Ambient Air Quality Standards

International Atmospheric Chemistry Research Exchange Site

Eco Gateway link centre on Air

SCRAM (Support Centre for Regulatory Air Quality Models). Dispersion models and documentation. Operated by the US EPA.

US based information links on Indoor Air Pollution

US based OSHA information on Indoor Air Quality

US based NIOSH on Indoor Air Quality

US EPA Indoor Air Quality: An Introduction for Health Professionals, Indoor Air Quality in Schools

Health Canada - Indoor Air Quality in Office Buildings: A Technical Guide, 1995

AIHA Information on Mold and Indoor Air Quality

US based information source on Indoor Air Quality

Model Validation Kit. A collection of data sets and software which can be used for model evaluation. Concerns the problem where a single stack emits a non-reactive gas.

US based on-line data and reports on Acid rain, Atmospheric Deposition and Precipitation Chemistry from USGS

Information on Fluorocarbon alternatives

Information on Air Dispersion Modelling

Canadian Air information source

Australian information source on Air Pollution

Air Quality information from Ontario


Links to other sources of Environmental Information

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