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Process Safety

Links to Information Sources of Process Safety are divided as follows:

General    EU based    US based  Other countries (outside EU/US) 

EU based

Irish HSA on the ATEX Directives

European Process Safety Centre is an industry-funded network which exists to provide an independent forum for the leadership and support of process safety within Europe

Safetynet common EU information centre for process safety.  

UK Chemical Reaction Hazards Forum  is a group of process safety professionals from the UK chemical industry working for mutual exchange of information, expertise and ideas. It also has a data base of chemical incidents

UK HSE information on Engineering

IChemE extensive information source on HAZOP

University of Newcastle Process Safety Information

Hazard View is a source of advice, comment and information for safety, environment and risk professionals concerned with major accident hazards in the process industries.

NCEC: The National Chemical Emergency Centre a useful UK based organization which provides clear, impartial advice for chemical health-and-safety compliance and for emergencies

Incompatible Chemicals information from Oxford University UK

CHCS: Chemical Hazards Communication Society aims to provide information and training guidance to as many individuals as possible, regardless of whether they work in small or large companies, for associations or for government, involved with the ever increasing complexity of chemical hazards regulations and international codes

UK based Hazards Forum

French Process Safety Information

Ility Engineering for Information on Incidents

US based

US based OSHA Information on Chemical Reactivity safety

US based OSHA Information on many aspects of Process Safety Management in the chemical industry

US EPA information on Reactive Chemical Hazards and Chemical Emergency Preparedness and Prevention

Corrosion information source

US based information on Chemical Compatibility, Chemical Hazard Identification Tools and MSDS

US Chemical Safety and Hazard Investigation Board information portal.

US based process safety centre Safety Alerts

Syracuse Research Corporation; Databases and expert systems predicting fate of environmental chemicals, supporting green chemistry and pollution prevention initiatives

US based Chemical Reactivity worksheet is a free program used to find out about the reactivity of substances or mixtures of substances

US based http://www.epa.gov/ceppo/ provides an overview on Risk.

US based Incident Information Centre 

Plant Maintenance Resource Center

Other Countries outside EU/US

Access to Essential Practices for Managing Chemical Reactivity Hazards publication online

The American Institute of Chemical Engineers provides useful information on safety and environmental aspects including security vulnerability analysis.

US based NIOSH Chemical Occupational Safety and Health Database gives details of criteria documents, hazard reviews and other chemical health & safety concerns.

US based information centre for Chemical Process Safety operated by the American Institute of Chemical Engineers


UNEP training module on Principles of Chemical Safety

WHO International Forum on Chemical Safety focused on chemical safety in the production, storage, transportation, use and disposal of chemicals with links to related worldwide organisations.

UNEP, ILO and WHO International Programme on Chemical Safety whose main role is to establish scientific basis for safe use of chemicals and also their Inter-Organisation Programme for Sound Management of Chemicals including environmental health criteria monographs

OECD's Chemical Programme is an extensive source of information on many aspects of chemical safety

Worldwide virtual library for Safety Critical Systems

New Zealand guidance on Electrical Interlocking Safety in Industrial Processes, Hot Work on Tanks and Drums, Hazardous Goods Storage Facilities, Sources of Ignition and Transmission Pipelines

Explosion Hazard Data for energetic material database

HERA, Human and Environmental Risk Assessment is a a voluntary industry programme to carry out Human and Environmental Risk Assessments on ingredients of household cleaning products
United Nations IPCS, International Programme on Chemical Safety

Risk site with information for all those working in the field of technical risk management

Dangerous Goods a global SHE network for petroleum and dangerous goods storage tanks, pipe work, fuel management, testing and leakage systems

Australian guidance on Plant Design

Web links for Hazards and Highly Reactive Systems 


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